Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joiner, and how does it work?
Joiner is a new social app that allows you to open your home spontaneously to specific family and friends, or join homes opened to you by your loved ones. It works by presenting available homes on your personal feed, and you’ll receive push notifications when a new home opens to you. It simplifies socialising within your trusted circle.

Is Joiner safe?
Yes, Joiner is designed for private, invitation-only gatherings among trusted friends and family. We prioritize user safety and privacy, and we do not allow public access to homes. Only those who receive an invitation from a friend or family member can join a home.

Can strangers see my home listing?
No. You choose who is connected to your account.

Can I see homes before they open to me?
No, Joiner is designed to maintain the surprise of spontaneous catch ups. You’ll only see homes at the moment they open to you.

Is it free?
Yes, Joiner is free with no ads!

Where can I get Joiner?
Joiner is available on the App Store® and the Google Play Store.

What exactly is a “vibe”?
A vibe can be lots of things; mood, activity, food, beverage or a celebrated holiday!

Vibes are used by home openers to indicate to others what is going on in their home. There are hundreds to choose from and the list is ever-growing.

I have an idea of a vibe! Can it be added?
We add new vibes all the time, and we would love to hear your idea!
Request a vibe here!

Is my information safe?
Your privacy is very important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy to see how we keep your information safe.

Is my physical home address listed on Joiner?
No. We do not collect, nor store, your home address. 

What if I only want a couple of friends to come over?
Sometimes a small hangout is what you’re after. That’s why we created the capacity limit feature.

The Capacity Limit feature allows you to set a limit on how many people you want to come over. Say you set the capacity limit to 7 people, once 7 people have joined, your home will be hidden from other friends to whom it was previously open to.

You can access and adjust the capacity limit by tapping the ᐧᐧᐧ on the Open your Home screen.

Can I set up notifications to be notified when a friend opens their home?
Yes. You will receive notifications when a home is open.

To opt-out of notifications, go the the Friends screen and tap the notification icon next to their name.

Why was Joiner created?
We wanted a platform to help us see our friends and family without the fuss of formal invitations and planning. Joiner helps you see friends and groups of friends more frequently and organically. Read our story here.

Can I see who is going to a home?
Yes, when a person responds that they joined a home, you can see their name by tapping Going on the home listing.

Can I see who is invited to a friend’s home?
No, we believe the fun of Joiner is the spontaneous, uncurated nature of the invitation. 

How can I connect with my friends on Joiner?
You can invite friends to Joiner directly from the app.
Simply search friends already using Joiner from the Add Friends screen. Otherwise, tap the Share JoinerID button on the side navigation menu and you’ll be able to send them a unique invitation link.
Spread the word and enhance your social circle!

What languages is Joiner available in?
Joiner is currently available in English.
We are looking forward to integrating more languages soon. Stay tuned!

I have some more questions. What do I do?
Fill in a Feedback form
Otherwise, email us at

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